Photography Fine Art Prints by Philip Reitsperger

artistic and documentary work

Documentary Work: Place and Culture

This photo shows the fine art print Persian Nights by Philip Reitsperger

Persian Nights

Some photos collected during nighttime in Iran, including a soundscape.

The project?

The project Place and Culture is part of an ongoing practice where Philip documents places with photo and sound equipment. As an artistic research method originating from ethnographic tradition, the project shows how places are structured and used by people. Simply, it gives a sensory experience of a site at a particular time and vibe.

Fine art print production.

Philip’s Fine Art Prints are produced by his favourite printer in Vienna, Herrn Kaiser. Herr Kaiser has been in the printing business for ages working for all kinds of artists. He is a specialist in every sense!

Prints produced by Herrn Kaiser are between 40 x 60 cm to 80 x 90 cm on Photo Rag Ultra Smooth from Hahnemühle. The prints are of the highest quality in pigment print. Due to their special nature, they are quite sensible, though. The best way to keep them fresh is to place them in a frame. 

All formats offered on the website work with standard frame sizes. So don’t worry; you will easily find a framing option online. There are, however, more advanced options in our print production combining aluminium composite, acrylic glass or canvas on a stretcher. If you are interested in a particular size or production, please send an email.

Photographic Work: Dissolution

The project?

Dissolution is an experimental photo series that investigates humans’ place within materialised structures and the usage of urban environments. Technically, the photos are between long-time and short-time exposure, visually in between order and chaos, allowing differentiation between living and non-living materials.

Photographic Work: Similarities without Differences

This photo shows the fine art print SoW02 Philip Reitsperger


Photographic work on the body, gender and meaning.

This photo shows the fine art print SoW01 Philip Reitsperger


Photographic work on the body, gender and meaning.

This photo shows the fine art print SoW06 Philip Reitsperger


Photographic work on the body, gender and meaning.

This photo shows the fine art print SoW04 Philip Reitsperger


Photographic work on the body, gender and meaning.

This photo shows the fine art print SoW03 Philip Reitsperger


Photographic work on the body, gender and meaning.

The project?

Similarities without Differences is a work on the body, gender and meaning. The analogue medium format series uses projections of people on people. Models, in that sense, become the canvas of newly created body structures between ambiguous sexual modifications. The Hermaphroditus – is established in between endless recreation and separation.

Documentary Work: Future Archive

The project?

The Future Archive is a collection of up to 100 Artefact NFTs, unique digital collectables. The project envisions a future AI unit that collects and preserves materials that no longer exist. Each artefact follows a different assumption of a possible future world. 

Documentary Work: The Art of Meat

The project?

People consume about 350 million tons of meat a year, says But they neither consume this meat in the same way, nor how they get their meat, or probably how it gets to them, is similar. Instead, eating meat is culturally connoted – and this is what this project is about. With The Art of Meat, Philip cooks within the aesthetics and different cultural practices in meat production.

Photographic Work: Layerscapes

This photo shows the fine art print Moonscape by Philip Reitsperger


A photographic series on vast landscapes.

The project?

Layerscapes is not an art nor a documentary project. Since the start of Philips’s interest in photography, these pictures were just spat out of his favourite camera, a Mamiya 7. A camera Philip carries with him on his travels. By not trying to achieve anything, the woks here should stand for what they are: landscapes of nature in a vast land and a nostalgia for natural beauty.

Photographic Work: Aviation

The project?

Hardly any other industrial mass product has changed everyday life more than the motor vehicle. In many countries such as China, the United States, Japan, Germany, India and South Korea, the automotive industry is one of the most important branches of industry.

But mobility today will not be the mobility of the future. So more than ever, resource expenditure and CO2 emissions of private transportation are under criticism.

With the Aviation project, Philip traces the transience of the automobile as a consumer and cultural product. The photo series focuses on cars that have been left without owners and robbed of their intended use.

Documentary Work: A Level Playing Field

The project?

A Level Playing Files is an assemblage of documentary photos on football pitches, basketball courts, and other sports spaces. These places are available all over the planet in intriguing forms and areas. Precise boundaries for expression and fun: The game is on!

Photographic Work: Wide Country

This photo shows the fine are print Dry Lake by Philip Reitsperger

Dry Lake

A lake at the end of its cycle.e

The project?

What is far away, and what is up close? Wild Country is about aerial photography that aims to hide its altitude. It asks the viewers to decide for themselves and find hidden clues that demystify their origin.

Commercial Photography

Foto Fill – Photography for people, organisations, and art.

Foto Fill is Philip’s commercial alter ego. For commercial enquires please contact: