A Diverse Skillset

Depending on his involvement Philip offers various services.

Project Development

Design Research

Development of research designs. Cultural Analysis, Ethnography, and Trend Analysis. Implementation of interviews, observation and UX Research. Analysis and insight generation.

Design Strategy

Development of strategic approaches to using design as a driver for innovation and brand development. Idea conceptualisation for products, services, and places.

Design Management

Management of design processes between creative and analytical people. Establishment of design solution from start to finish in branding and visual communication.

Branding and Visual Communication

Positioning & Visual Identity

Development of Brand Books, Visual Identities and Languages, Corporate Designs, Posters, Books, and design for music.

Creative Direction & Art Direction

Creative or artistic lead in research, branding, or event design.

Illustration and Storytelling

Use of illustration and animation to tell stories for or about people, brands, places, and research.


Use of photography for visual research, storytelling, and rough and quick portrait photography.

Logo Design

Development of logotypes, signs, and symbols.

Screen Design

Development of websites, online presentations and reports, and research tools.

Process and People

Graphic Facilitation

Live graphic facilitation at conferences, meetings, and presentations. Use of text and illustration to create workshop materials and stories.

Facilitation in Workshops

Facilitation of and in design workshops, processes, creative sessions, and idea generation.

Talks & Presentations

Speaker in topics on creative processes, research visualisation, self-management and creativity, and design thinking.