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Mag. art Design and Advertisement
University of Applied Arts Vienna

MA Innovation Management
Central Saint Martins London


Brand development, communication and design strategy.

Philip works with companies to help them strengthen brand equity and innovate towards new services and products. He is a partner at the Viennese design studio Identity Lab.

Latest projects include the consulting for an event encouraging European identity, the development of research tools for passenger transportation in Cairo, positioning and identity work with various companies and the development of a regional branding and journalistic media platform for the Bavarian region Hallertau. One of his projects was awarded the Europe State Award 2017.

Throughout the past years, Philip has worked with clients from various places and industries, inter alia UK, Norway, Austria, Japan, the US, Iran, Ireland, Germany, Israel, and Russia.


Brand Development 

Brand development for organisations, products, services, and places. Conceptualisation and creation of market positioning, testing, and implementation.

Design Strategy

Management of strategic approaches to using design as a driver for growth and development in environments with and without design background.

User Research

Cultural Analysis, Ethnography, and Trend analysis. Realisation of user interviews, observation and UX Research for products, services, and places.


Development of Brand Identities, Visual Identities, and Corporate Designs.

Creative Direction

Creative and artistic lead in communication design and advertisement.

UX Design

UX development and design for website, shops or media platforms.

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation for conferences, meetings, and workshops.


Development of Design Thinking and Brand Positioning workshops.

Talks & Presentations

Speaker about creativity, research visualisation, and design thinking.

Place and Culture

Photo reportages and field recording about place and placemaking. A project by Philip Reitsperger.


Studio INTO innovates by focussing on people’s lives and understanding wider social influences. We design and create business strategies by understanding both the values of our clients and the opportunities in the market.

Media company Kastner AG delivers high-quality printing services in a wide range of applications and materials.

Design Studio Identity Lab is an interdisciplinary design team that explores identities, conceives ideas and develops strategies for brands and companies.

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