Route28: One Identity, many Places

April 8, 2017

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Lately, I have been working with my friend and colleague Julian Vavrovsky (here a link to his Vimeo account) on a quite exciting little project. It is called Route 28. The one-day event set Vienna allows visitors to ‘travel’ through various Europen countries in just a few hours. They will experience cultural similarities and differences in quite an intensive journey. This will take place on May 6th, 2017.

The last couple of weeks Julian and I developed the concept for the visual language. The idea was to create pictures that allow the various countries to express their individuality, while at the same time these pictures had to be part of a coherent brand story for the whole event. This was not an easy task to tackle. What place would you pick before another one? What do people actually know about places like Poland? – Our main goal was not to take the easy road and thereby work with cliches. I am pleased to say we stuck together and finally figured something out.

So far the various ‘country stations’ will become watercolour illustrations. The illustrations will show some popular places but also the little and hidden gems that are commonly not known. Furthermore, we will animate those places and bring them to life. I don’t want to tell too much but I think we are on a good path. Julian has been such a great partner during the work – expanding his area of expertise far beyond the work of an animator.