Research tool Faceology – Paint your own face and find out who you are

January 21, 2017

The research tool Faceology helps people to think about, and find out how they perceive themselves. It would be great if you wanna take some time and participate in our little inquiry. In the near future, we hope to create an exhibition and a publication about this research.

Philosophical definition of identity:

From the late Latin and equivalent to the Latin (“sameness”), which resulted from combining (“same”) with (?) – yielding and (suffix equivalent to the English “-ty”), this term denotes the relation each thing bears just to itself.

Personal comment:
When Sandra and I started this research project about a year ago we tested the first prototype as a paper version with some students from Central Saint Martins. It was back then when a student sent an email to me after taking part in the inquiry. In that email, I learnt she had the most extraordinary experience taking time and thinking about herself and her appearance. I was very happy to get such strong and positive feedback about our project. The student further wrote that this kind of reflection was something that usually has not enough space in her life. While I had always a hunch that Sandra and my idea about a drawing tool for self-reflection was an interesting proposal, this was the point where we decided to make this project available to a broader audience. In that sense, I hope that those who take the and participate in the inquiry also find something unexpected.