Place and Culture
Philip Reitsperger

Place and Culture is a collection of photo reportages combined with filed recordings about place and placemaking in various cultural backgrounds.

The reportages are collected by Philip Reitsperger, an Austrian designer. If you are interested in working with Philip or publishing part of his work please contact him here.

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The Materials of a 70ties Bedroom, Wolnzach, Germany

The cool, eloquent silence of a cathedral. The toneless noise of a room filled with frozen time. This is a place full of all the possible secrets that German culture hid behind built-in wardrobes. It is in mint condition. Everything fits. Everything works.

The Sounds and Smells of Printing, Wolnzach, Germany

German printer and media group Kastner AG has been a family business since the late 19th century. Ever since then the company has offered a full-service approach to delivering communication throughout a variety of analogue, and of course, digital channels.

Princelet Street, London, United Kingdom

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The Nights of Jerusalem during Shabbat, Israel

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