Place and Culture
Philip Reitsperger

Place and Culture is a collection of photo-reportages combined with field recordings about place and placemaking.

Places and Consumption

The Colour of Hidschābs, Iran

The Hidschāb, headscarf, is a mandatory item for women in non private places in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Indonesian province of Aceh. Always an ...

Places and Consumption

The Cars of Iran

In 2001, there were 13 public and privately owned automakers in Iran, of which two local brands, Khodro and Saipa, accounted for 94% of the total ...

Spaces and Structures

Persian Nights, Iran

Field Diary, 2nd of June 2018: I love to wander the streets of cities during the night. Rumbling silence. It’s that place where finally ...

City Districts and Areas

Dawn in Yazd, Iran

The photos and audio recording of this feature were found at Yazd Art House at around 8.22 pm during Iranian Ramadan. Yazd is a city in central ...


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